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Make A Wish!

Posted on July 13 2016

 My husband's grandmother passed away recently.  It was a beautiful breezy day, slightly overcast, when we made our way over to the Ft. Bliss National Cemetery.  His family had flown in from Houston and brought her ashes down to be laid to rest next to her loving husband.  

     During the memorial ceremony, I looked away to the trees that hung overhead.  I nudged my husband and pointed at a beautiful golden butterfly just fluttering around us.  Not quite in the pavilion we were standing in and not quite in the trees.  Just close enough for us to notice.  This regal monarch butterfly was kind of just hanging around.  My husband smiled and I saw that the presence of this creature brought him some peace and comfort.  In our minds we believed it was her, giving her final goodbyes to her 7 children and countless great and grand children.   

     It was a beautiful overcast day, a perfect flyby, and a gathering of a family separated by miles.  I wanted to capture the moment and bottle it forever.  So I Did.  At the end of the ceremony, i walked over to her urn and snapped off a couple of flowers from the bouquet that was laying there.  Apparently the bouquet was made by one of the daughters from her own garden which made it even more special.  

     I took the purple flowers back to my shop and dried them so they would remain in that eternal state.  I took a mini wish bottle and lined it with crushed seashells I had gathered from a trip to Puerto Penasco and filled it with my resin mix.  At just the right moment of viscosity, I carefully placed the delicate flowers in the bottles and sealed them.  

     The resin dried and the memory of that day is forever encapsulated in a mini wish bottle that I placed around a silk ribbon necklace.  One bottle went to my mother in law so she can have a piece of that day with her and the other went to my husband.

     Mini Wish Bottle Charms are a beautiful way to freeze a moment.  Wear them, hang them, or display them.  Come by and see the ones I made or bring me your special mini token of a memory and let's make you a unique piece that lasts forever.


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